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Knapp Kennels Goldendoodles

Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles

Frequently Asked Questions About Doodles

  • How big will an adult Goldendoodle get?

Our Goldendoodles are large dogs that will reach approximately 60 to 80 pounds. Naturally female doodles will remain somewhat smaller than males.

  • Do Goldendoodles shed?

Because they are the result of a breeding with a Poodle, Golden Doodles shed only very little to none. In our experience, you will not notice any hair from only petting or playing with your pet. However, routine grooming is necessary to ensure that your dog's undercoat hair is removed due to the lack of shedding.

  • What do Goldendoodles eat, and how much do they eat?

Our kennel's mission is to keep our dogs happy and healthy. Therefore we feed our Retrievers and Doodles premium dog food. This is not necessary for your pet, but recommended. Your pet's diet will depend upon whether or not your Doodle resides inside or outside where he or she is much more active. Until your puppy reaches 1 year old, we recommend feeding him or her 1-2 cups of premium puppy food each day. As your puppy reaches the adult age, it is recommended that he or she eat approximately 3 cups of premium adult food each day. Canned food is not necessary, but can be considered a "special treat" for your dog. Make sure your Doodle has plenty of water at all times, especially for the outside dog in the warmer months!

  • How often should I groom my Goldendoodle?

Regular brushing of your pet is necessary for skin and hair health. Because some Doodles can be more wavy to almost curly like their Poodle parent, it is essential to monitor your pets coat for tangles and mats. Ensure that your pets eyes and ears are clean. Although professional grooming is not necessary, you may wish to have your pet's coat trimmed for the warmer months.

  • Are Goldendoodles appropriate for families with children?

Yes! You will find the personality of your Goldendoodle to be warm, playful, and devoted. Doodles are easy to train and are very good listeners.

  • How will my Goldendoodle puppy be delivered to me?

Most of the puppies leave our kennel on what we call "Selection Day". I will choose a date, Saturday or Sunday, after the pups are 7 weeks old. A schedule will be made will buyers coming in their picking order to view the pups, choose their own, fill our paperwork, and take their new family member home. On occasion, we can do the process via Skype or Facetime to pick your pup if prior arrangements are made. I will ask for a $750 deposit to hold your place in the picking order and $750 due on pickup day. Please note: any pup not able to leave on the "selection day" can stay at the kennel for a charge of $50 per week.  

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