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We are located in Southern Illinois, about 90 miles east of St. Louis in a very small town called Xenia. My husband started raising Elhew Bird Dogs about 20 years ago as a hobby, and I have always had Golden Retrievers as pets.

I decided to do some breeding of my own and until last year (2007), I only bred and sold registered Golden Retrievers. I really did not think there was a better family dog to have. A breeder friend of mine introduced me to GOLDENDOODLES and at first I was not interested. Actually, I was surprised that he thought he had found a breed of dog better than Retrievers. It only took one trip to his kennel to convince me otherwise.

I had my first litter of "DOODLES" in the spring of 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed them. They display a temperament that is more relaxed and if possible more personable. As a person with extreme allergies, an added bonus is the shedding is minimal. Now I have bred and sold so many wonderful Goldendoodles to awesome families and continue to enjoy it was much as the first litter. These pups are children not dogs!

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428 Fairfield St.

Xenia, IL 62899

We would love to hear from you. If you have purchased a puppy from us before, or you are looking for that perfect future pet, call us anytime.