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Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles

Fill out a submission form for hopefully 3 upcoming Goldendoodle litters late fall/winter. One will be our first litter of F1b pups.      

You can also contact us or click for our waiting list for the next litter.

Looking for a Goldendoodle?

We have your next pet!

We have Goldendoodle puppies for sale from a reputable, family owned kennel. Our Goldendoodles are the result of breeding an AKC registered Golden Retriever and standard Poodle.

The Doodles come from a loving, healthy home and make great pets for families with children. Our Goldendoodles are located in southern Illinois. We will meet your needs for delivering the perfect Golden Doodle to your home.

Check out our past and present Goldendoodle puppies as well as the specifics and prices of your next pet!

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Knapp Kennels Goldendoodles

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